A 1 on 1 personalized coaching program that’s going to help you get unstuck and get going in your weight loss journey with God.

You’re going to learn how to:

  • Be the person that can resist the second donut with ease.
  • Eat your favorite foods until you're full without overstuffing yourself.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle with the 7 Habits of Faith-Fueled Weight Loss without ever having to diet again.
  • And lose weight in the process.

I’m going to be right there coaching you through the process for 30 days so you don’t have to question what to do, what’s next, or how to overcome behaviors of self-sabotage. These are the things I've done to personally lose 80lbs.

You’re going to get:

  • 1 on 1 personalized coaching so we can work through any limiting beliefs or thoughts that are keeping you from hitting your goal
  • Access to text or voice message me if you ever feel stuck so you don’t feel lost and give up like you may have in the past
  • Action items to implement so you have a personalized strategy to meet your weight loss goal
  • 30 day access to Whole + Holy Girls Club so you’re surrounded by other Jesus-loving women on a weight loss journey and have more encouragement
  • A bonus session on learning who God says you are and what He has ahead for you so you won’t allow discouragement or self-sabotage to stop you from moving forward
  • A bonus session on creating your step-by-step roadmap so you know exactly what to do next after our 30 days are up to get to your weight loss goal

By the end of the 30 days, you’ll be more consistent and gain momentum so you can keep going on your new healthy lifestyle and losing weight without ever having to diet (or consider weight loss surgery or those weight loss drugs) again.

Total value: $897

Join at the special rate of only $97!

*Can only be be purchased once per person.
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